How much time are your employees likely to take off this year due to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)?

Your most dedicated employees are at most risk of developing RSI — employees who will ignore minor aches and pains, skip breaks, and wait until injuries are so severe that medical intervention may be required.

You may have considered in the past using software to remind computer users to take regular short breaks — the most common advice given for RSI prevention and recovery — but been put off by programs which interrupt the user in mid-thought or mid-keystroke, or expect the user to indulge in a public display of aerobics at thirty minute intervals.

What you and your employees need is a gentle reminder that won't get in the way of normal work, a reminder that adapts well to each employee's unique work pattern, and won't embarrass its users.

Which is why we wrote Albion StopNow, a low-cost discreet reminder that provides a simple but effective reminder if you work too long without any break. The sort of reminder you can live with. It won't prevent anyone from completing a phone call or finishing a short task, but it will gently and firmly remind them when they need to take a rest break.

Research suggests that as much as 70% of lost work days can be due to repetitive strain injury. As many as 10% of all sick notes may be written for RSI. Do the math. For just a small cost per employee you can implement one of the most widely recommended RSI prevention measures available.


  1. download and install Albion StopNow! on all each employee's PC, and
  2. purchase the appropriate number of reduced-rate block licenses for your employees.

For just a few dollars per employee you can reduce their risk of Repetitive Strain Injury.

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Will taking regular breaks work for me? Download a free trial of Albion StopNow! to find out.