Albion StopNow! Purchasing Information

A licensed copy of Albion StopNow costs $19.95 USD.

Here's what you get:

Please make sure Albion StopNow! works for you with a free trial before purchasing.

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What happens next?

After you purchase your license, you will receive a unique registration code by email. Entering this code into your trial copy converts it into a fully licensed copy.

You will also receive a payment receipt as a separate email.

Make sure you keep a copy of your registration code in a safe place. Almost all the support requests we receive are from customers who have lost their registration code and need it to set up their new computer.

Volume Discounts and Site Licenses

Substantial volume discounts are available if you need many copies for your company: please contact us indicating approximately how many copies you need for more details.

Any support requests for volume or site licenses must be through a single point of contact: we can't support individual users at discounted volume prices.