Albion StopNow! FAQ

Where can I find out more about RSI?

See our RSI Resources page.

What Should I Look For in an RSI Software Product?

See our Software Checklist page.

What are the System Requirements?

Where is the tray icon?

In Windows 7 Microsoft realized that things in the task bar were getting out of hand. Every software publisher and his dog wanted to put their program's icon in the task bar at the bottom of the screen, even if the user didn't ever need to click on it. Consequently you now need to select which tray icons are visible. Click on the icon that looks a bit like and drag and drop the green smiley face Albion StopNow! icon onto your task bar.

In Windows 8 Microsoft tried doing without a task bar entirely. This was a mistake (as was Windows 8). If you are unfortunate enough to still have Windows 8 you should seriously consider upgrading to Windows 10.

Why does the rest period never seem to end?

For the rest period (red icon) to end, you have to actually stop all keyboard and mouse activity for the duration of the rest period. Every time you move the mouse or strike a key, the timer is reset and the rest period starts again at the beginning. This is intentional: you have to take a real rest break for it to count.

I have an old version. Can I get a free upgrade to the latest version?

Yes. Just download the latest version and use your existing license key.

The program looks a bit outdated

Yes. It looks old. But it works. Using old interface technologies makes for an app which is very small and very efficient. And once you have configured it, chances are you will never look at that retro dialog again!

I've read the FAQ. How do I get Technical Support?

If you are using a corporate copy, please contact your IT department. For discounted copies we can't offer individual user support.

Otherwise use the Contact Form. Please describe both what is happening and what you expected to happen in your comments.